Lonnie Hamilton

Bow Maker

There can be a point in a person’s life when the reasons for living change. The kind of world that we want to live in starts to become more important to us. And we look for ways to be of service, in order to help bring about that better world for those we share it with. For Lonnie Hamilton, that way of service has manifested in preserving and passing on the traditions of the paths he has been blessed to walk. Sharing the teachings of traditional Muskogee bow making is a big part of his life.

After a 30 year run in audio-visual production leadership, Lonnie has spent the last few years refocusing his life into a greater pattern of community service. Hosting bow workshops and sharing the traditions of the land and his people has brought joy to many since this part of his journey began.

Lonnie is a light hearted deep thinker who is quick on his feet. He is a lot of fun to learn from and passes on quite a bit of knowledge and support in a way that makes learning the art of bow making very accessible. Even the most novice and inexperienced participants in his workshops have walked away with a beautiful and functional bows. Many of his students have continued in their pursuit of learning to craft handmade bows and continue to work with Lonnie through correspondence and the occasional visit.

Get to know Lonnie and take an awesome workshop where you get to walk away with a custom-made traditional bow made by your very own hands. It really is a delicious experience.


Draw Knife

Lonnie’s career in the production field has endowed him with quite a few stories and a great sense of working man’s charisma. That industry took him to many places around the globe. Now, Lonnie crosses oceans to teach people bow making and to share the traditional wisdoms he’s gathered along his journey.

Those that know him best also know that Lonnie is an amazing chef. There are few things he loves more and cooking, relaxing, and spending time with friends new and old. If you’re ever around when Lonnie fires up the smoker, then do yourself a favor and find a reason to stick around. Whatever it is he’s cooking will probably be some of the best you ever had!

Get To Know Lonnie And Make Your Own Bow!

Four days in a natural setting with great people doing something really cool… Nothing wrong with that!
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